Representational services

In the early stages of a market entry strategy - or during the process of downsizing - it can be difficult for an international company to justify the expense of a full representative office in Moscow. BSN can take the functions of a representative office, at a fraction of the costs of maintaining a full office. We offer a range of services, from which clients can choose to suit their needs.

These services are of particular value to companies which cannot yet justify a business decision to make large investments in Russia itself. Moreover, in view of the recent difficulties experienced in the market, many international companies are reassessing their position in the market, with some choosing to downsize or adopt a ‘wait and see’ approach. In these circumstances, BSN can offer a cost-effective alternative to exiting the market, by maintaining client profile with business partners, until an uptick in commercial activity justifies a more substantial presence.

In addition to business development, BSN can also fill the role of trusted advisor, by monitoring the whole in-country operation and checking that operations are running smoothly.