Market Research

BSN offers sectoral and industry specific research, compiled by its international and Russian analytic team, in line with client requirements. Such research can range from responding to specific questions - e.g. investigating the reality behind press reports - to a full programme of activities relating to the development of specific opportunities.

BSN works very closely with Macro-Advisory, headed by Chris Weafer, one of the leading advisors on economic and political trends in the Russian Economy ( Through this association we are able to offer informed and up-to-date advice on the trends which shape the Russian business and political environment. Macro-Advisory’s client list includes some of the largest transnational corporations in the world, many of whom use the company's reports and anlayses for briefing their Boards and senior management.

Chris Weafer’s view of the Russian market: “Russia and the Central Asian states can be challenging locations for foreign investors, as recent events demonstrate very clearly. Investment risk and market volatility have increased - but one should not let the noise obscure the very real long-term money making opportunities available across the region”


BSN is able to build on the macro research carried out by Chris Weafer and his team, by focusing on sectors and issues of specific interest to clients. The combination of macroeconomic analysis and detailed sectoral studies leads to a comprehensive assessment of the potential of the market and the challenges facing companies seeking to develop their business in Russia.

Selected BSN Assignments

  • Assisting a major US commodity trading group to identify opportunities in the coal and electricity sectors in Russia
  • Researching and pinpointing Russian market opportunities for a major European supplier of machine tools
  • Review of a large warehousing units for a major international logistics company
  • Market survey for an international restaurant group.
  • Market research for a European pharmaceuticals company