Business Development

Recent international tensions have created a difficult background for the development of business in Russia. Many international companies have taken the decision to pull out of the market or freeze activities – however, the experience of the past two economic crises in Russia – in 1998 and 2008 – demonstrates that those companies which maintained a presence in the market benefited significantly when the recovery took place. 

The international companies which are most successful in the Russian and CIS markets are those which have maintained a presence over the long-term and the challenge during the current difficulties is to continue with business operations, while adapting to the new conditions. New themes – such as localisation and import substitution- are emerging and the key for international business is to understand and relate to the new business drivers.

Selected BSN Assignments

  • Assisting an Italian manufacture of automated entry systems to develop its client base in Russia
  • Helping a baked products operation to raise finance and develop its business.
  • Conducting background research on potential partners, which helped a Scandinavian group to take decisions on M&A initiatives

Repositioning a Turkish Fashion Company

A Turkish women’s clothing company sought to re-establish its market positioning on the Russian market, aiming to climb into the upper-level niche. Upon completing our market research, conducting peer mapping, examining all the marketing opportunities, we developed and implemented a 1-year business development programme.

After 12 months of aggressive marketing in selected media and at fashion events, the brand shifted into the High Street department stores, first in Moscow and St Petersburg, then all across the country. The entire distribution chain was reshaped and new authorised distributors were carefully selected. As of today, the brand is known across the country and represented in dozens of fashion stores nationwide.